Air Conditioners Installation in Old Bridge, NJ 08857

“Delco Air bought out John Herbst Heating and Cooling a few years ago. I was a 30 year customer of John Herbst. I spent 10's of thousands of dollars with them over the years on 2 complete central air systems, service, and a Mitsubishi mini-split. I recently had to have the 3 year old mini-split removed from my wall so that the wall could be repaired from storm damage. After getting an estimate (T&E) over the phone of $500-600, I was charged over $1100. What a MISTAKE I made of using these guys. They had NO training on the Mitsubishi split so it took hours and hours for 1 person, who I HAD to ASSIST in both the removal and the re-install. I had to print out the installation manual for the tech to use. I had to help lift, I had to supply a stud finder. This was not a one person job. They should have known that after the removal took several hours. ($275 for the removal and a WHOPPING $850 for the reinstall). This was JUST the inside unit! The tech was GREAT by the way. Very neat and personable. A fine person. Had they told me they did not know Mitsubishi I would never have used them. It took longer for the reinstall of just the inside unit than it took Herbst to install the ENTIRE system!
I will NEVER use these guys again! AVOID!”

– Tom G.